Thursday, August 5, 2010

Regression line, R^2 (Pearson's correlation coefficient), slope, and y intercept in R

A basic feature in Excel and OpenOffice Calc is to find and plot the regression line. Here is an example of doing this in R. This is more work in R, but you are sacrificing for more power.

Here is how we get the data out:

x = c(1,2,3,4,5)
y = c(3,4,5,5.1,6.2)
pearsons_r = cor(x,y)
r_squared = pearsons_r^2
fit = lm(y~x) # notice the order of variables
y_intercept = as.numeric(fit$coeff[1])
slope = as.numeric(fit$coeff[2])

Here is how we plot it:

abline(lm(y~x)) # again, notice the order
function_string = paste("f(x) = ", slope, "x + ", y_intercept,  sep="")
r_sq_string = paste("R^2 =", r_squared)
display_string = paste(function_string, r_sq_string, sep="\n")
mtext(display_string, side=3, adj=1)  # top right outside of the margin

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Mark Ziemann said...

Found this very useful, thanks for posting!